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Types of Acting Colleges

At some point we have all asked, or have been asked, “What do I want to do?” For some of us, we answer with the phrase, “I want to act.” Now, the decision is where to go to learn the leading industry styles and skills. An Acting career is a serious decision, and does require a commitment in order to be successful. However, using the information found in it you would be able to make the best decision on an Acting education.

An initial search acting college

An initial search for acting school will reveal Juilliard School, American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.), and CalArts. It would be correct to surmise as well that these are also the top rated schools in the country, and what does this mean?

Acting University

For instance, at Juilliard as your acting university you can expect a student to faculty ratio of 5:1, as each class size is only about twelve students. Juilliard, as an acting school has seen graduates such as Christopher Reeves, and Robin Williams.

CalArts boasts the close to the same student faculty ratio of 7:1, and an average class size of fourteen. However, the item setting apart from Juilliard is an average enrollment of about 1500 students. Acting on education this school was one of the first to offer undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees. Graduating from this acting university will have you join the list of Cecily Strong, Ed Harris, and David Hasselhoff.

Meanwhile, ranking with a very selective Juilliard School, by only admitting about eight students per year in to their Master of Fine Arts program is the American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.). A.C.T.’s alumni out of this program has included the likes of Denzel Washington, Elizabeth Banks, and Danny Glover. While the MFA program may not be available for all who attend this acting college they do provide a Studio program. The Studio-A.C.T. program has seen the likes of Nicholas Cage, Terri Hatcher, and Chris Pine.

Acting Career Guidance

Acting education

Any of the above schools are perfect places for you to start your Acting career on the right foot. However, these three are not the only schools available in the selection process, and to name a few of the other schools for thought are:

1. Syracuse University, School of Drama
2. Boston University, School of Theater
3. NYU Tisch School of the Arts

The information provided to you today is in an effort to assist you in your guide to your “undiscovered country” (Hamlet, act 3 scene 1), and help your future choice of school.

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