John Casablancas modeling and career center: is it for real or just a scam?

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Professional modeling has always been sort of a dodgy business. You have modeling agencies who are only trying to get money out of you. Than you have others are truly do want to help others get their careers off the ground.

The John Casablanca center is truly no different. His school is said to help out clients in a variety of ways. John’s center holds classes in everything from acting and make-up artistry to those who have a model portfolio. Just like with any other agency in town, you get a wide range of reports.

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LET’S BEGIN WITH THE BASICS John Casablancas modeling and career center

Here’s the thing. John’s center has two main goals. One is to attract as many students as possible. The other is to educate those who pay. Let’s talk a bit about the education factor. This is not an “agency” as many like to feel it is. This center is more or less an “place of education”. If you are looking to learn from what John and his associates have to teach you, you will be paying for the education. This is what causes major confusion with a lot of people. They assume there is going to be some sort of placement in this center.

This is why some of the complaints have been filed. It’s due to lack of understanding. Is this lack of understanding coming from the parents and students who seek guidance? Is this lack of understanding coming from the way John’s advertises his methods? Who’s to say. Allow us to point out one major factor though. The more deep your pockets run, the more John has been known to help you out.

Call me crazy, but talent should come from talent, not where the money grows.



This choice is entirely up to you. If you do decide to go here, please know and understand what you are getting into first. Lot of people have jumped in with both feet, not truly understanding the whole story. This is also what has led to some of the complaints being filed.

You can choose to get ahead on the basis of your own talents. You can choose to let John help you out. The choice is yours. Just know that every choice has a consequence. We are not saying that John’s mentoring center is a bad place. All we are saying is to have all the facts before you sign up.

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