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Those who choose to pursue acting careers must first become fully aware of what a career in acting entails. Pursuing successful career in acting is not an easy task. Only about 1% or less of those with acting careers makes it big. The other 99% of acting professionals have a rather unpredictable income and may be forced to work others jobs on the side in order to support themselves. However, if you have enough passion and work ethic, anything can happen. Take acting classes. If you can’t afford them, study people and their reactions and expressions.

Study people even if you are taking classes. As actress Jennifer Lawrence said, “(watching real people, listening to them and studying them) that’s the best acting class you can take.” One of the best things to do is participate in deliberate practice. Make an effort to practice your craft every day in a measurable way. For example, set a goal of reading through one monologue a day, or practicing a particular accent for 20 minutes. Preferably choose a specific weakness of yours to work on.

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Maintain your natural talents and strengths, but you’ll make the most progress by focusing on improving your weaknesses. A successful actress career involves great memorization and listening skills, so work on those as well. If you’re having to work an odd job before your actress career takes off, you can even try portraying a different type of character with every new person you interact with on the job. Audition as much as you can when first starting your actor career. An actor career involves almost non-stop auditions as well, especially in the beginning when they are first establishing themselves as an actor.

Once you have established yourself as an acting professional, a work schedule can be somewhat unpredictable as well. An actor or actress may have to work long hours that extend well into the evening. They may have to work weekends and holidays as well. If this is truly the work that you want to do, though, then this shouldn’t be a problem as you’ll be doing work that you love.

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