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“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” – Coco Chanel, Fashion Designer of the High Fashion House of Chanel.

To work in a fashion designer career, a person must eat, breath and live fashion. They must be able to relate to Coco Chanel’s opinion that she doesn’t merely work in fashion, but that she is fashion. Fashion clothes designers need to know how to study fashion trends, so as to predict what will be popular in the future and how to make it unique in their own designs. They need to know how to use CAD to design clothing on computers and have the ability to draw designs. They need to understand and be able to choose the correct fabrics and other materials for the fashion designs they make. It goes without saying that fashion designers must know how to put together durable and long-lasting clothes, accessories and shoes.


Fashion designers understand how to organize either fashion shows or how to present their designs in front of a team or an employer. Above all a fashion designer needs to be unique and creative with their designs.

The first step to getting your fashion designer career profile onto the right path is to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in either Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising. Either during or after going through a fashion college program it can be helpful to gain experience with a fashion internship or to be employed as an assistant to a fashion designer. The key traits of being in a fashion career are to have artistic ability, a creative mind, detail minded, team work skills, computer skills and decision making skills.

The median pay for a fashion designer is about $63,670 a year. The lower side of what fashion designers make is about $33,170. The highest paid fashion designers make around $125,270. The future job outlook as a fashion designer is not likely to have a high rise in job openings. The job market for fashion designers is likely to only rise three percent in the future. Currently there are only about twenty-three thousand and one hundred employed fashion designers in the United States.

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